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Glycerol Extracts

These are exciting moisturising extracts in vegetable-based glycerine. A proprietary process is used to extract the plant or fruit into the glycerine. This method extracts most of the water and fat-soluble ingredients. This is, therefore, a combination product, which has a moisturising effect on the skin as well as the benefit of the herbal and fruit properties.

As glycerine is water-soluble it is very convenient to use in water-based products. Use in shampoos, liquid soaps, deodorants, creams, lotions, gels, face masks, hair packs and toothpaste.

Add the extract when your recipe ingredients are less than 40°C or add it directly to cold products. Use at a dosage of 3-6% (3% contains 2% glycerine and 6% contains 4% glycerine).