Guide to Glycerol Extracts

Guide to Glycerol Extracts

Guide to Glycerol Extracts

OurGlycerol Extracts:

  • Are a top secret process combining plant and fruit extracts into glycerine

  • Are convenient to use in water based products

  • Have both the fat and water soluble elements retained in the extract

  • Have the double benefit of moisturising glycerine plus active plant extracts


How do you use Glycerol Extracts?

Because glycerine is water soluble, these extracts work perfectly in water based products, such as creams, lotions, toners, shampoos, liquid soaps, face masks, deodorants and toothpastes. As Glycerol Extracts are heat tolerant they can be added to Stage 2 (the water stage) and heated to 75ºC or above. They can also be added to the Stage 3 ingredients (the cool down stage) in which case simply add the extracts to products which are cold, or below 40ºC. They should make up between 3% and 6% of the product. Their varying properties include:

Glycerol Extract

Comfrey Glycerol Extract (Organic)
Sold out

Rejuvenates the skin and has healing, soothing and moisture retaining properties.

Glycerol Extract

Papaya Glycerol Extract
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This is a natural peeling agent that helps make skin smoother, brighter and softer.

Glycerol Extract

Cucumber Glycerol Extract (Organic)
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Helps to sooth skin irritations and reduce swelling, so it is often used around the eye area

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