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Dried Herbs & Tinctures

Resting in a flowering meadow, breathing in the aroma of different herbs, enjoying the colours, and the light changing the shapes and textures of flowers and leaves. That is life. These moments we treasure. Aromantic’s range of dried flowers will remind you of summer – the calendula flowers and petals symbolising the sun; the bright blue cornflower and calming lavender flowers reminding you of relaxing happily; the refreshing and cooling peppermint leaves and the gentle rose petals can give colour, life and scent to bath melts, soaps, fizzy bath bombs and exfoliators. 

Of course, they all have different therapeutic properties. So, they may not be a substitute for a lazy summer’s day in a flowering meadow, but they can bring life and colour into your natural products. 

We stock natural herbs sourced from various countries. Herbs, whether dried or in tincture form, are very useful in the making of natural skin, hair, oral, and body care products and for general health and well-being. 

Most of the dried herbs, flowers and tinctures listed below are commonly taken internally but we have focused on the external use of the herbs for skin, body, oral and hair care. 

It is suggested that you read about the use of herbs before using them or adding them to your products. Seek advice from a health professional if you or your clients have any serious medical conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding.
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