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Base & Ready-Made Products

Creating your DIY beauty products is fun, but we don’t all have time to make the base creams and lotions. To speed up the process, we offer a range of base and ready-made creams and lotions using the highest quality raw materials.

All our base products are neutral with no scent, designed for you to add your own fragrance and tailor the product using active ingredients. Simply mix your chosen ingredients into the base product (no heating necessary), perfect for saving time when you want to make your own beauty products! All our case products are SLS and parabens-free.

You can use any of our base products to create your perfect DIY beauty products including moisturisers, lotions, conditioners, shampoos and soaps. We encourage you to get creative and make the perfect beauty products for you.

How to Use Base Products

Using a base product is really simple. If your chosen cream feels too thick, simply add a little vegetable oil or hydrolate to make the cream smoother for sensitive areas.

Our base creams contain a range of active ingredients and vitamins, including evening primrose oil, shea butter, zinc oxide, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin E oil and different Herbal Infusions. Apply on the affected areas as often as required.

Our effective base lotions are designed to cleanse the skin gently and remove makeup with the minimum amount of rubbing. Just rinse off and then proceed with your normal skincare routine.

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Please note, if it's a product we manufacture in house then please be aware that it may take longer to despatch due to the increased demand.


Base Creams Temporarily Unavailable:

Base Cream For Oily Skin, Base Cream For Dry Skin, Base Cream For Sensitive Skin and Base Cream For Mature Skin

Due to lockdown restrictions and the subsequent working guidelines, our Production Team have been working varied shifts to reduce the number of team members working at one time. This has made it more difficult to fill orders and to also produce the creams. To take the pressure off the Production Team we have temporarily removed them from the website. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Once normal working procedures can be introduced, we will be able to return the base creams back onto the website.