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Organic Sea Buckthorn Pulp CO2 Extract image
(EX. VAT) 10 ml £6.49
Price: (inc. VAT) £7.79

Organic Sea Buckthorn Pulp CO2 Extract

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A totally pure and natural oil-soluble Botanical CO2 Extract.

Organic Sea Buckthorn CO2 Extract with added Rosemary Antioxidant

Sea Buckthorn Pulp CO2 Extract, which is extracted from the pulp of the Sea Buckthorn berries, is a clear to turbid red colour and 1kg of the Pulp Extract is equivalent to 8-14kg of the raw material. 


Hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract, Helianthus annus seed oil, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract
Helps to promote healthy skin.
Dosage 1-3%. 

Can be used in both water (not purely water-based products as it is oil-based and so will not mix) and oil-based products. 

Can be added (without any heating required) to already-made products such as gels, lotions, creams, shampoos, liquid soaps and body washes.
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