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image of a man being applied beard balm

Beard Balm

A softening and conditioning beard balm that would also be ideal as a night balm for anyone with very dry or dehydrated skin.
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image for sun lip balm

Sun Lip Balm

Tiosol adds a strong SPF protection in an easy to apply lip balm. Use when skiing or doing sports in extreme sunshine.
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Image for intensive skin repair balm

Intensive Skin Repair Balm

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image of a woman applying camellia and black seed after shave balm

Camellia & Black Seed After Shave Balm

Soothing and skin conditioning, this balm has been designed for after shaving - but is just as soothing anywhere you want to use it.
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image of a happy baby

Protective Nappy Balm

Gentle, soft and protective designed for the most delicate skin. This recipe can also be used as a regenerative after shave balm.
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image of a jars containing vegan tattoo balm

Vegan Tattoo Balm

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image of a pregnant woman using stretch mark and scar tissue balm

Stretch Mark & Scar Tissue Balm

A balm high in Vitamin E, Rosehip Seed Oil and Shea Butter, excellent for helping reduce the size and appearance of stretch marks and scarring. Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9.
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Image of Rice Bran Barrier Balms

Rice Bran Barrier Balm

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Image of Hands with Balm in a Heart Shape

Hand Balm

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Image of woman applying ultra smooth silk balm on her body / legs

Ultra-Smooth Silk Balm

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image of bottles of olive oil cleansing balm

Olive Oil Cleansing Balm

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Image of Woman applying Cocoa Butter balm on her Chest

Cocoa Butter Base Balm

Sweet Almond Oil can be replaced with another oil of your choice. For example, using Arnica Oil would be great for localised massage. Tamanu Oil would be ideal for repairing damaged skin. There are many other oils that could be used.
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