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Pseudo Collagen


What does this mean?

Inci:Aqua; Faex Extract; Phenoxyethanol

A non animal alternative to human or cow sourced collagen. It mimics the action of collagen but uses plant cells and imparts greater elasticity, more resilience and a youthful look to skin. It is extracted from the intra cellular matrix of yeast cells and is very effective as a collagen replacement.


A clear to hazy, thick viscous liquid with a slight odour. There may be a slight sediment after it has been standing for a while in the bottle.
The appearance of the skin is directly proportional to its ability to bind water.
Upon ageing, the collagen and elastin content in connective tissue reduces with an accompanying decrease in ability to retain moisture.
The skin becomes thinner, takes on an aged appearance and often develops wrinkles.
Obviously, increasing the collagen content of the skin is desirable, however, most collagen products are the by product of the slaughter house.
Unless the collagen is injected into the skin, the collagen is not able to be absorbed into the skin.
This plant based alternative does penetrate into the layers of the skin and hair to make a very noticeable improvement.

The individual materials that make up Pseudocollagen are listed on the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (Cosing) here.


Skin Care
It imparts greater elasticity, more resilience and a youthful look to skin through its moisture-binding and film-forming properties. Add to daily defence moisturising creams and lotions.
Pseudo Collagen has excellent moisturising properties giving the skin a more supple, healthy appearance.
Use in night creams and gel based serums. Effective in leave on treatment masks.
Hair Care
Adds extra body, nourishment and shine to the hair. Add to shampoos and hair conditioners.
Other use at 1% to 10%. Water soluble so cannot be used in oil only formulations.
Suggested Blends
Combining with Coenzyme Q10 will also enable the body to make its own collagen.
Blending with Remodelling Intense gives an improved look to the skin.
Including Hyaluronic Acid in a cream or lotion will also plump up the skin very well.
Combine with Phytokeratin in shampoos and conditioners to give volume. Add Bisabolol for shine.


Below are some recipes that use Pseudo Collagen:


Historical Information
Most collagen used for cosmetic surgery is human or bovine. Read more here. In the 1800’s, the syringe was invented and very soon afterwards, injectable fillers were starting to be used in the “beauty” industry. The first filler was paraffin! Later, silicone was used and the main product used now is human or bovine sourced collagen. Read more here.