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Natural Cosmetic Skincare Product Ingredients

We are at the forefront of providing organic and natural ingredients, recipes and courses to make your own skin, hair and beauty care products. Whether you're a home crafter or business owner; or simply want to be in control of what you and your family put on your skin and hair, we are your one stop shop for over 700 ingredients, as well as all the equipment, inspiration and information you need to make your own bespoke, natural & professional products.

Add value to your products with our range of Active Ingredients. See individual product listings for the benefits and properties of each Active Ingredient. Browse our range of Actives, Sun Products, Deodorants, Moisturisers & Vitamins.

Make tailor-made massage oils, nail blends, acne treatment oils and serums, hair oils, body and face oils, face and around-the-eye serums, skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle blends with our large range of carrier oils.

Our range of detergents are professionally made by producers in Europe for use in professional shampoos, liquid soaps, and shower gels. The detergents we stock are derived from natural sources e.g. coconut and palm kernel oils and sugar.

We choose our suppliers very carefully, working in close co-operation with different producers of high quality oils from France and other European countries, as well dealing with small community and fair trade projects in Africa, India and around the world.

Re-create a luxury spa experience at home with our range of spa products! Complementary therapists can create a unique experience by offering hand-made, tailored spa products such as face masks and body wraps to suit their client's needs. Home made spa products are the ultimate relaxation for mind, body and soul.