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Organic Blue German Chamomile Essential Oil - Chamomilla Recutita image
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Organic Blue German Chamomile Essential Oil - Chamomilla Recutita

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A strong aroma that is sweet, herbaceous and deeply relaxing.

A green/blue aqua coloured, viscous oil steam distilled from the flowering heads of the German Chamomile plant.



Chamomilla recutita Flower Oil

According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (Cosing), the functions of German Chamomile are:


Masking, Skin Conditioning


To view more information, visit the Cosing Database here.

Skin Care

Calms down irritated skin problems but be aware of potential dermal irritation in some individuals if overused.


It contains bisabolol which regenerates the skin tissues as well as chamazulene which is what gives it the deep blue colour.


Soothes dry, flaky and itchy skin.


Use in small amounts for products designed for eczema prone skin and dermatitis.


Hair Care

Use sparingly in shampoos for scalp irritations or eczema prone scalps.



A good choice for jet lag as it restores balance and energy levels.


Very calming and relaxing, so use in an oil burner or diffuser in the house.


Suggested Blends

Add to Camphor for rheumatic aches and pains.


Combine with Lavender for psoriasis prone skin.


Blend with Mandarin for children’s eczema prone skin.


Add to Calendula infused oil for anti inflammatory creams and gels.



One of the most potent chamomile oils so be careful not to overuse, where it has the potential to cause dermal irritation.

Traditional Aromatherapy Uses

Traditionally used by qualified aromatherapists as a very good tonic for the spleen to help with anaemia and immune problems.


Used with Neroli and Melissa for shock or for when feeling disconnected.


Has a history of usage for menopausal conditions where there is a perceived loss of identity.


Historical Information

German Chamomile was listed in Dioscorides de Materia Medica which was the first standard reference book for herbal treatments written in 78AD.


Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for calming down itchy skin problems.

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