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Allantoin Powder

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It is used in skin care products for its soothing and tissue growth stimulant properties. It also helps the skin to better tolerate other ingredients used.

It is an odourless, white crystalline powder that is a synthetic version of the active component found in the roots of the comfrey plant. Unfortunately, we cannot source the natural version.

It is fully compatible with anionic, non-ionic and cationic materials.


According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (Cosing), the functions of Allantoin Powder are:

Skin Conditioning, Skin Protecting, Soothing

To view more information, visit the Cosing Database here.
Skin Care
It is an humectant that is moisturising as well so add to daily use creams, lotions and gels.

It promotes cell proliferation which makes it ideal to use on skin damaged by acne or other dermatitis and eczema like problems. This also makes sensitive skin more resilient and less reactive.

It enhances the desquamation of the upper layers of dead skin cells meaning they will slough of more easily revealing brighter and fresher skin. An obvious choice to add to cleansers and exfoliating scrubs.

The sloughing action also increases the smoothness of the skin so it add to anti aging and wrinkle serums.

As an anti inflammatory agent, Allantoin is a great choice in peeling AHA masks where it will soothe and protect the skin.

Consider using it in after sun products as well where it can help accelerate the healing of damaged skin.

It also helps the skin to hold onto water keeping it better hydrated. This is excellent in creams, lotions and serums for dry skin.

Makes a wonderfully healing and soothing nappy rash cream.

Ideal to use in mens after shaving products where it will calm and soothe any irritation and help to lock moisture into the skin. Use in creams, gels, lotions and serums.

Excellent to use in deodorants for people with sensitive skin or after shaving the underarms.

Add to foot creams to accelerate the healing of cracked heels.

Superb in facial toners and spritzes.

Use in products containing tinctures to buffer the effect of the alcohol.

Hair Care
Very soothing to use in sensitive shampoos and for reducing dandruff.

Excellent in hair conditioners for after the hair has been processed.

Helps to make the scalp more resilient in pre conditioning hair packs used before hair undergoes extreme processing.

Use at 0.5 - 2%.

It is water soluble and is heat tolerant up to 60°C and the heat does help it to dissolve better. It can be difficult to dissolve and may need to be crushed with back of spoon or mixed with a stick blender. It is important that it dissolves thoroughly otherwise the finished cream will feel gritty.

Cannot be used in oil only products.

pH is 4 to 6 and so little is used that it should not affect any of the products you make.

Store at room temperature in dry and airtight container away from direct sunlight.

Suggested Blends
Use Allantoin Powder with other Comfrey products to further enhance the benefits.

Comfrey products are; Comfrey Glycerol Extract; Comfrey Macerated Oil; Comfrey Dried Herb (as an infusion); Comfrey Tincture.

Combine with other soothing materials such as Bisabolol, Aloe Vera Concentrate and Roman Chamomile Essential Oil.

Use in skin rejuvenation products with other active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and Eco Marine Algae Extract.



Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Sensitive Scalps
This is a low foaming shampoo that will not strip the hair and will leave the scalp feeling relaxed and not tight. It also makes an excellent beard shampoo that rinses out well.

Stage 1: (room temperature)
40% Natural Surfactant Base
10% Natural Fat Restorer

Stage 2: (up to 60°C)
39% Boiling Spring Water
1% Allantoin
1% Cellulose Gum

Stage 3: (below 40°C)
5% D-Panthenol
2% Cosmetic Prebiotic
1% Preservative Eco
0.5% Lavender Essential Oil
0.5% Spearmint Essential Oil
100% Total


Combine Stage 1 ingredients together and they will start to thicken.

Use a stick blender to thoroughly dissolve the Allantoin in the water before adding the Cellulose Gum. Then add the Cellulose Gum and blend to make a smooth gel.

Combine Stage 1 and Stage 2 together.

Cool down to below 40°C in a pan of cold water and then add all the remaining Stage 3 ingredients. Bottle and label.

Sensitive Skin Toner
This can be spritzed onto the face (with eyes closed) anytime of the day or used before applying day or night cream, after cleansing. No essential oils are added as they will not dissolve in the product.

Stage 1: (room temperature)
40% Orange Blossom Water
10% Lavender Water
25% Rose Water
10% Aloe Vera Concentrate
6% Witch Hazel Glycerol Extract
5% D-Panthenol
2% Cosmetic Prebiotic
1% Allantoin Powder
1% Preservative 12
100% Total

Weigh all ingredients into a beaker and combine with a stick blender until the powders are thoroughly dissolved. Bottle and label.

For more information and guidance on making your own skin care products please see Aromantic's books and eBooks in our Publications section.

These notes are not meant to replace medical guidance and you should seek the advice of your doctor for your health matters. The formulae are given in good faith and are intended for educational purposes only. They have not been evaluated or tested in any way and Aromantic Ltd. makes no claim as to their effectiveness. It is up to the reader to ensure that any products they produce from these recipes are safe to use, and if relevant, compliant under current cosmetic regulations.

Traditional Aromatherapy Uses
Traditionally used by herbalists, comfrey root decoctions have been used for centuries. This gave them a source of Allantoin to use.         

Historical Information
Although it was known about earlier, Allantoin was named as such in 1837 and has been used in cosmetics production ever since.

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