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Mango Butter


What does this mean?

Inci:Mangifera Indica Seed Butter

Adds excellent moisturising and lubricating properties to body butters, ointments, healing balms, creams, lotions and lip balms. Superb for dry skin.


The seed kernel of the mango fruit is pressed to extract a yellow coloured fat.
It has a mild aroma but this is not offensive and is easily covered with essential oils.
This helps in the repair of acne scars, burns and stretch marks by restoring elasticity. Equally good for mature skin types.

It is considered to be protective against UV rays but we would not suggest using it as a sun protector.
However, for daily defense, it can help to reduce degeneration of the skin.
The skin looks well hydrated which also reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

In hair products, it conditions and nourishes the hair shaft restoring flexibility to dry hair.
This product is NOT hydrogenated.
Melting point is 29°C - 34°C. SAP value 180 - 195.

Typical Fatty Acid profile:

Palmitic Acid 7% - 10%
Stearic Acid 30% - 45%
Oleic Acid 38% - 50% (Omega 9)
Linoleic Acid 3% - 7% (Omega 6)
It is a good emollient and skin conditioner, especially for dry skin where it moisturises the skin and adds lubrication.

As it is not a greasy butter and is quickly absorbed into the skin making it good for sensitive and acne prone skin.
It spreads easily on the skin and is rich in antioxidants and creates a smooth and soft skin that is well hydrated.


Use at 1% to 100% in creams, lotions, baby products, hair packs, regenerative serums, balms, ointments, lip balms, acne prone skin products as well as sensitive, dry and mature skin products.
Adds an elegant feel to massage products, cuticle creams and body butters.
In soaps it adds to the creamy lather and is extra moisturising.


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