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eB20 The Aromantic Guide to Making Your own Skin, Hair and Body Care Products 4th Edition eBook image
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eB20 The Aromantic Guide to Making Your own Skin, Hair and Body Care Products 4th Edition eBook

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Fully updated & revised! Information, recipes & step-by-step methods for you to make your own natural, tailor-made products! 

Due to customer demand, we now have this popular book as an eBook edition, available for instant download! This fully updated and revised 4th Edition of the Guide is packed with information, recipes and step-by-step methods so that you can make your own natural, tailor-made products, whether for your friends, family or therapy clients.

Loved by both beginners and more advanced customers who make their own products, the Guide offers insider secrets to making your own natural creams and cosmetics including information on which vegetable oils, moisturisers and preservatives to use…

As well as information, recipes and step-by-step methods for making your own natural creams, lotions, cleansers, peelers, exfoliates, skin toners, gels, ointments, lip balms, sun creams & lotions, skin & massages oils, 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioners, shower gels & liquid soaps, face masks, toothpastes & mouth washes…

PLUS Information on essential oils & absolutes. How to use them safely, recipes for natural perfumes, using essential oils and absolutes in the home and all you need to know about adding fragrances to creams & gels!

The handy Conversion Tables at the end of the book help you to convert some popular raw materials, including essential oils, from millilitres to grams and US to metric. The Aromantic Colours Conversion Table is fully updated and there is a new section on how to measure our Colours accurately with 2ml scoops.

List of Contents
Aromantic’s Natural, Organic, Ethical and Fairly traded Purchasing Policy
Aromantic is certified by Organic Farmers & Growers 2009
Sensitivity & Allergy Tests on Raw Materials
Essential Oils, Absolutes and Manipulated Oils
Aromantic’s Purchasing & Sales Policy for Essential Oils
Vegetable Oils, Fats and Waxes
About Double Boilers/Bain-maries
Preservatives [updated]
An Introduction to making your own Creams and Cosmetics [Recipe updated]
Natural Moisturisers & Preservatives [updated with a few new ingredients]
Making Creams [Recipes are updated]
Making Cleansers, Exfoliates, Peelers & Toners [Recipes are updated]
Making Gels [Preservative info in Recipes is updated, ingredient added to Thickeners section]
Making Healing Balms & Lip Balms [not very different to 3rd edition]
Making Lotions & Sun Creams [Preservative info in Recipes is updated]
Making Skin & Massage Oils [very small changes]
Making 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioners, Liquid Soaps and Shower Gels [extensively updated recipes & additional info in Tips]
Making Face Masks [Preservative info in Recipes is updated]
Making Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation Products [Recipes updated and slight change to method]
Making Toothpastes & Mouth Washes [Preservative info in Recipes is updated, one mouth wash recipe updated]
Essential Oils & Absolutes: How to Use Them [same as 3rd edition]
Making Natural Perfumes based on using only Essential Oils [same as 3rd edition]
Adding Fragrances to Creams & other Skin Care products [same as 3rd edition]
Recipes for Essential Oils & Absolutes in the Home [same as 3rd edition]
Conversion Tables
Raw Materials and Colours Conversion Table [Colours conversion table fully revised; Method for Measuring Colours in scoops and Cleaning Equipment containing Colours and Waxes - brand new]
Essential Oils Conversion Table [same as 3rd edition]
Metric-US Conversion Tables [same as 3rd edition]

Note to customers who have bought the Revised 3rd Edition: this book has changed substantially and is a new edition.  Generally Recipes containing Preservatives have all been updated (dosage tables are referred to and Preservatives are all added in Third Stage) and some temperature information in recipes and methods have changed (Fourth Stage is now 35 degrees celsius - it was previously 30-25 degrees), as well as the amount of essential oils and CO2 extracts in some recipes.


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