Formula Botanica Masterclass Kit


What does this mean?

Save over £20 when you buy this kit that includes all the ingredients you need for the free Masterclass Series on offer from Formula Botanica in May!


This spring, Formula Botanica are offering a Free Masterclass series on how to become an Organic Skincare Entreprenuer. There are lots of classes out there on making your own skincare and this is a great and easy way to get a taster of what creating your own skincare products can involve.

The masterclass series includes 9 episodes covering a range of topics including what kind of equipment is needed, formulation and preserving your products.

You can join the series for FREE by clicking on the link below:

The Masterclass Series begins May 1st. Our kit conveniently includes the ingredients needed during the series!

What's in the Masterclass Series?

Episode 1 - Formulation Philosophy

Episode 2 - Equipment

Episode 3 - Let's Formulate

Episode 4 - Botanical Ingredients

Episode 5 - Let's Add Botanicals

Episode 6 - Choosing Preservatives

Episode 7 - Natural Preservation

Episode 8 - How to Customise

Episode 9 - How to Stand Out


The Kit includes*:

3 x 100ml Organic Orange Blossom Hydrolat

100ml Organic Sweet Almond Oil

100g Vegetal

2 x 10ml Organic Sea Buckthorn Pulp CO2 Extract

50ml Organic Papaya Glycerol Extract

10ml Organic Orange Essential Oil

30ml Preservative Eco

* Please note, due to ongoing supply issues, we reserve the right to replace organic with a non organic version and vice versa if needed.