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Lip Balm Cylinder, Semi Transparent Plastic (4.5 ml) image
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Lip Balm Cylinder, Semi Transparent Plastic (4.5 ml)

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Professional semi-transparent PP (Polypropylene) 4.5ml Lip Balm Cylinder supplied with cap.

This 4.5ml cylinder is ideal for making your own lip balms as melted raw materials can be poured directly into the cylinder.
We recommend using Kolbjorn Borseth's recipes for lip balm cylinders that have been specially developped to work with these kinds of cylinders. 
Diameter: 16mm; Height: 67mm (incl. lid); Volume: 4.5ml. Label dimensions: Height: 43mm; Width: 50mm.

Storage and Handling
Aromantic's plastic bottles, jars and accessories are supplied to us in durable, airtight plastic packaging inside sturdy sterile carton boxes. Our staff then repack the containers if necessary, into the different quantities that we sell, packing them into sealed plastic bags. It shouldn't therefore be necessary to sterilise the plastic containers you buy from Aromantic. Using preservatives correctly in your products along with usual hygiene standards will make sure that your products are packaged well, without prematurely growing fungus and bacteria.


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