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Rose Petals


What does this mean?

Inci: Rosa damascena

Used for emollient & moisture-retaining effects in natural skin/hair care products - dry, mature and sensitive skin


Rose Oil, Rose Water and an Infusion made from Rose Petals are used in skin care products for tender, dry, sensitive skin as they have a cleansing, astringent, toning, moisture retaining, stimulating, and soothing effect

When Rose is included in a cream or lotion, it stimulates and protects the skin, while moisturising and hydrating it

It gives a boost to all skin types, and is particularly beneficial to dry, mature and sensitive skin

Rose has the added benefit of its wonderful fragrance, which makes it popular in skin care products

Rose has remarkable harmonising and balancing skin care qualities and Rose petals have long been used for softening the skin


Which products to use it in
Use as an infusion in creams, lotions, gels, foam baths and shampoos

Rose can be used in skin care products for all skin types but is more effective on dry, mature and sensitive skin

Use Rose petal infusion or the Hydrolate as a substitute for water in your shampoo or hair rinse recipes

Use the infusion in an eye compress

Water or oil-soluble?
Water soluble

Can I add it to ready-made products?
Not appropriate

How to use in products
You can add our strong coloured red Rose petals in dry exfoliaters, dry face mask blends, bath salts, bath melts and fizzy bath bombs to make the product beautiful and more sellable

Storage and Shelf Life
2-3 years. Store in the dark and keep dry

Tips/Extra Information
The reason we do not use organic Rose petals is because the colours are not as vibrant or intense as non organic Rose petals

When making an infusion of Rose petals, add lactic or ascorbic acid to deepen the red colour of the infusion

Adding alkaline raw materials make it blue to green