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image of a pot of cleansing cream

Cleansing Cream

A rich and creamy cleanser that can be applied to the skin and worked in for a few minutes before being wiped off with a damp cloth or cotton pads. Very effective at removing make up.
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image of woman in her room

Room Spray

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image for oat so soothing after shave gelée

Oat So Soothing After Shave Gelée

An easy to make aftershave gelée with soothing Oat Oil and cooling Peppermint Hydrolat.
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image for the facial lotion for oily skin

Facial Lotion for Oily Skin

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image of pomegranate oil for the anti-aging eye crème

Anti-Aging Eye Crème

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image for soothing skin toner

Soothing Skin Toner

A soothing, anti inflammatory, vitamin enriched toner for all skin types. The lovely scent of the hydrolats shines through and brightens the day.
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Image of Woman Scratching her Scalp suitable for Scalp Serum

Scalp Serum

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image of jars containing revitalising face mask

Revitalising Face Mask

Apply as a face mask for 10 minutes, then rinse off. Can also use it in the bath with a hot flannel to help the ingredients penetrate better before rinsing off. Can also use it as a leave on product at night.
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image of someone applying conditioning herbal hair pack

Conditioning Herbal Hair Pack

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Image of a woman using the spray body lotion on her body

Spray Body Lotion

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Image of spa products with the hydrating body lotion

Aftershave Lotion

A light and soothing lotion with Calendula Oil and Comfrey Glycerol Extract. Perfect for use after shaving. Suitable for the face and body.
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Image of Mediterranean hair pack

Mediterranean Hair Pack

The oils in this formulation are all excellent for hair but they are just as good for the skin as well. That makes this product a delight to use on the face and body as well.
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