Revitalising Face Mask

image of jars containing revitalising face mask

This product can be applied as a Face Mask and left for 10 minutes then rinsed off. It can also be used in the bath where a hot flannel will help the ingredients to penetrate better before rinsing off. You may also use it as a leave on product at night or before day products.

Stage 1:
92% Orange Blossom (Neroli) Water
2% Guar Gum Powder
1% Preservative 12

Stage 2:
2% Pomegranate Seed Oil
2% Remodelling Intense
1% Algaktiv Zen

100% Total
Grape Seed Oil
Sold out
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Use a stick blender to combine the Stage 1 ingredients until smooth. Then heat in a double boiler to about 50°C by which time it will have thickened up well.

Combine the Stage 2 ingredients and stir thoroughly into the Stage 1 gel. Jar and label.

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