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Itchy Scalp Serum Recipe

Itchy Scalp Serum

A light blend of ingredients that are excellent for the hair to keep it silky and soft while calming down an itchy scalp at the same time. It will also reduce dandruff.
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Deeply Hydrating Serum Recipe

Deeply Hydrating Serum

Black Seed Oil with a host of powerful active ingredients for a strong antioxidant effect and the so-called "fountain of youth" Hyaluronic Acid.
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Ultra Moisturising Foot Cream with PhytoGlycogen

Ultra Moisturising Foot Cream with PhytoGlycogen

A highly moisturising cream for dry skin and cracked heels. Apply at night and wear a pair of cosy socks while the cream soaks in.
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image of cream for dry skin

Cream for Dry Skin

A nourishing cream rich in Omega 9 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids for dry and sensitive skin. Simple yet so effective. 
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image of avocado oil for massage

Avocado Massage Oil

This highly nutritious blend is rich in Omega 7 and Omega 6 along with natural phytosterols to give your skin a huge, healthy boost!
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image of bottles containing massage oil blend

Massage Oil Blend for Dry & Sensitive Skin

A gentle massage oil blend for very sensitive skin enriched with Vitamin E to help restore the skin's natural lipid barrier.
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image of face serum in a pipette

Face Serum for All Skin Types

Packed with super soft Chia Seed oil that is naturally rich in Omega 3 and revitalising Evening Primrose oil. This serum is enhanced with the trinity of age defying ingredients Eco Marine Algae Extract, Remodelling Intense and Coenzyme Q10 for a fabulous boost that leaves your skin glowing with health.
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image of serum for dry and mature skin in a pipette

Intensive Serum for Dry / Mature Skin

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image of serum for very dry skin in a pipette

Brightening Serum for Very Dry Skin

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image for hair pack suitable for dry & processed hair

Hair Pack for Dry & Processed Hair

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image for soothing skin toner

Soothing Skin Toner

A soothing, anti inflammatory, vitamin enriched toner for all skin types. The lovely scent of the hydrolats shines through and brightens the day.
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image of rose clay for rose clay face mask

Rose Clay Face Mask

Pink clay is ideal for making face masks for dry and sensitive skin. The addition of rose water makes for a gentle hydrating and stimulating mask that's a real treat for tired skin.
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