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Ethically Sourced Cosmetic Ingredients and Expert Information for Natural Cosmetic-Making

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Where To Begin

New to the DIY skincare and haircare world? Click here for expert resources to get started using cosmetic ingredients at home.

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New Products

We update our shop regularly with organic botanical extracts, active ingredients, essential oils, emulsifiers and other cosmetic ingredients.

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Essential Oils

Explore our range of essential oils, with Soil Association organic essential oils among them. Choose from classics like lavender and more unique aromas.

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Active Ingredients

Our extensive range of active ingredients made from natural, raw materials empowers individuals to take control of their skin concerns.

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Why Buy Natural Cosmetic Ingredients from Aromantic?

Whether you’re a beauty therapist looking to expand your business by making branded products, a skincare enthusiast dreaming of starting a cosmetic line or an individual concerned with what you’re putting on your skin — you’re in the right place.

Aromantic is one of the UK’s leading providers of organic beauty and natural skincare. We sell ethically sourced cosmetic ingredients — many of them organic — and arm you with the knowledge of how to use them. As well as giving you access to natural, raw materials with transparent supply chains and realistic benefits, we also offer up our extensive industry knowledge through free recipes, expert blogs and professional natural skincare courses. We show you how to use cosmetics ingredients responsibly and effectively, so that you can create products that work. We also provide information on how to comply with legal requirements, helping you to keep your self-care safe and get your business off to a flying start.

Aromantic is unique in that it’s a home for both individuals and institutions, it acts as a one-stop-shop for 700+ ingredients and is led by an award-winning founder.

Despite the esteemed credentials of Aromantic, the brand remains a humble second-generation family-run business that values transparency and ethics above all else. That means you can expect the high standards of skincare experts and the product availability of wholesalers, paired with personal, honest customer service that’s often reserved for small stores with fewer resources.

Explore our range of natural and organic cosmetic ingredients, including a large collection of botanical extracts, active ingredients, carrier oils, natural emulsifiers, preservatives and much more.