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Vetivert (Organic)


What does this mean?

Inci:Vetiveria zizanoides Root Oil

A deep, rich, earthy, smoky, woody scent with a sweet undertone.


What is it?

An amber brown to reddish brown viscous liquid obtained by steam distillation of the dried roots of the Vetivert grass.


Cosmetic Functions

According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (Cosing), the functions of Vetivert Essential Oil are:

Masking, Perfuming, Tonic

To view more information, visit the Cosing Database here.


Skin Care

Add to creams, lotions and gels for skin care – it balances sebum production so is useful for both dry and oily skin.

It helps with muscular and lymphatic congestion, easing muscular aches and pains, so it is good for massage lotions and oil blends.

As a circulatory stimulant, it helps with acne so include it in creams, lotions and gel recipes as well as face masks.

It also helps wounds to heal.

Excellent to moisturise the skin, diminishing wrinkles and stretch marks.

Hair Care

A very heavy base note that would cover the smell of some of the active ingredients as well as the detergent used in a shampoo.


As an antispasmodic, it helps with muscular and lymphatic congestion easing muscular, rheumatic and arthritis type pains.

A very solid and grounding oil that is said to be an aphrodisiac.

Suggested Blends

Use with Neroli or Petitgrain as a deep relaxant.

Blend with Geranium to balance sebum production.

Combine with Bog Myrtle to improve acne prone skin.

Add to Niaouli for massage blends to relax tense muscles.




Click on the link below to be directed to recipes featuring essential oils where Vertivert could be used.


Traditional Aromatherapy Uses

Traditionally used by qualified aromatherapists to stimulate the male hormonal system and balance the female hormonal imbalance.

Can be quite euphoric and can help with bad depression when it is quite emotionally dark.

Its sedative effect helps with bowel problems and IBS.

An excellent oil to reconnect with the true self, get your feet back on the ground and regain emotional equilibrium.

Especially effective during and after trauma and anxiety.

Historical Information

Its use goes back centuries and in 12th Century India, it was such an essential that it became a taxable item.

One of the essential herbs in Ayurvedic medicine.

It has always been used extensively used in perfumery and soap making.