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Organic Neroli Essential Oil


What does this mean?

Inci:Citrus Aurantium Flower Oil

A gentle oil suitable for everyday use, for sensitive skin, dry, mature skin and babies. A great all rounder for all skin types.


A pale yellow, thin oil obtained by steam distillation of the flowers of the sour orange tree.
According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (CosIng), the functions of Neroli Essential Oil are: Perfuming.
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Skin Care
One of the ultimate oils for skin care.
Use in all creams, lotions and gels for moisturising, even sensitive skin.
Ideal to use in body butters for pregnancy or people who have lost weight and have lost some skin tone.
Excellent in face masks as it will not irritate when left on the face near the nose and eyes.Smooths the skin.
Neroli is a great choice for oily skin as well as dry skin.
Ideal for massage lotions and oils pre sports.
Would make a beautifully luxurious foot cream that is so different to the usual type.
Hair Care
Great to use on greasy hair.
Can be used in massage blends.
Used in a diffuser, it will scent the air in a room and calm everyone down.
Suggested Blends
Blend with a small amount of Geranium in both oily and dry skin.
Combine with Helichrysum.
Use with Pumpkin Seed Oil.
Add to Fragonia in an oil burner to relax and have healing meditation.


None. However, it is so intensely relaxing, that it should not be used if you need to keep a very clear head.