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Hyacinth Absolute

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A very exotic and heady fragrance with a lot of depth.

An extract of the flowers of the Hyacinth flower.

When absolutes are created for a perfumer’s use, often, extra isolates and extractions are blended with it to enhance and stabilise the expected fragrance. Many of these extra ingredients may be natural ingredients and some may be synthetic isolates. We feel it is important to differentiate this group of absolutes as being of Perfume Quality but we make no statement about any therapeutic use as they are designed for fragrance only.

Aromatherapists looking for therapeutic action primarily, should continue to use the other oils listed in the Essential Oils sections.


Hyacinthus orientalis
According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (Cosing), the functions of Hyacinth Absolute are:

Perfuming, Skin Conditioning

To view more information, visit the Cosing Database here.
Skin Care
No therapeutic skin benefits but it does add an amazing fragrance which can add value and desirability to high end products like anti aging serums, creams and lotions.

Hair Care
No direct hair care usage but when added to shampoos and hair conditioners, it makes the product smell very appealing with a high perceived value.

Vaporise of use in an oil burner to fragrance a room.

Suggested Blends
None as it is a complete fragrance in its own right.

Avoid during pregnancy as it is an emmenagogue. Avoid use if suffering from epilepsy.
Warning: Essential oils can be toxic to some animals. Consult a veterinary surgeon if concerned. 
Historical Information
In Greek mythology, Hyacinth was the lover of the god Apollo and was killed whilst playing with a discus.

In the 16th Century, Hyacinth fever peaked in Holland when double flowering varieties were very much sought after and took over from the previous tulip mania that bankrupted several famous families.
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