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Image of Woman applying Cocoa Butter balm on her Chest

Cocoa Butter Base Balm

Sweet Almond Oil can be replaced with another oil of your choice. For example, using Arnica Oil would be great for localised massage. Tamanu Oil would be ideal for repairing damaged skin. There are many other oils that could be used.
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Image of Buttery Lip balm with Beeswax in jars

Buttery Lip Balm

This recipe produces a soft, buttery lip balm that is ideally stored in small pots or aluminium jars. Essential oils that are recommended for lip balms are orange, lemon, mandarin, lime, grapefruit, lavender, spearmint or a small amount of peppermint. We use larger amounts of essential oils than would be expected for a leave-on product to compensate for heat evaporation. You can also personalise this recipe with aroma flavours and pearlescent colours.
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