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Cocoa Butter Base Balm

Image of Woman applying Cocoa Butter balm on her Chest

In this recipe, Sweet Almond Oil can be replaced with any other oil you choose. Because it is added in Stage 2, you can even use heat-sensitive oils. Think about the various benefits of different oils, for example, Tamanu or Rosehip oil would creating a luxurious balm that would be very effective in repairing dry and damaged skin.

Stage 1: (heat until melted)
50% Thistle Oil
5% Beeswax
5% Cocoa Butter

Stage 2: (below 50°C)
27% Sweet Almond Oil
10% Squalane
3% Vitamin E
Total 100%
Grape Seed Oil
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Heat all the Stage 1 ingredients in a double boiler, making sure your oils are not heat-sensitive. Heat sensitive oils should be added in Stage 2. Stir and melt fully.

Mix the balm until it has cooled to approximately 40-50°C. Stir in the remaining heat sensitive ingredients like tinctures, macerated oils or essential oils. Pour into jars and leave to cool before sealing and labelling.

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