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image of woman using simple spray hair tonic

Simple Spray Hair Tonic

An incredibly simple, yet effective, hair tonic that will freshen your hair and add a conditioning shine to the hair shaft for easy and tangle free combing.
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image of a woman using the everyday shampoo

Everyday Shampoo

A simple shampoo for everyday use. Personalise it with your own choice of essential oils.
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image of someone applying conditioning herbal hair pack

Conditioning Herbal Hair Pack

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Image of woman using gentle shampoo in the shower

Gentle Shampoo

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image of bottles containing dry hair shampoo

Dry Hair Shampoo

A simple shampoo for dry hair.
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image of bottles containing everyday conditioning shampoo

Everyday Conditioning Shampoo

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Image of hot oil hair pack for dry hair and split ends

Hot Oil Hair Pack for Dry Hair & Split Ends

This hot oil treat for your hair can help nourish and strengthen dry hair and reduce the occurrence of split ends. Heat the oil in a cup of hot water, apply and leave on for as long as you want before washing out.
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Image of sprayable hair pomade

Sprayable Hair Pomade

A sprayable, leave on, oil blend suitable for conditioning hair and beards. Spray a little into your hands then rub through the hair from root to tip.
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image of conditioner for itchy scalps

Itchy Scalp Conditioner

A calming oil that can be sprayed into the hair roots to relieve an itchy scalp. Leave in for a while and then gently shampoo off.
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Image of Hair and Body Oil to use in spray

Hair and Body Oil Spray

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Image of Mediterranean hair pack

Mediterranean Hair Pack

The oils in this formulation are all excellent for hair but they are just as good for the skin as well. That makes this product a delight to use on the face and body as well.
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Image of Avocado Hair Lotion in a Bottle

Avocado Hair Lotion

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