Everyday Conditioning Shampoo

Everyday Conditioning Shampoo

image of bottles containing everyday conditioning shampoo

Stage 1:
20% Alpha Detergent
10% Sugar Detergent
1.5% Essential Oils of your choice

Stage 2:
61% Boiling Spring Water
5% EcoChic Conditioning Agent
1.5% Salt
Stage 3: (below 40°C)
1% Preservative Eco

Total 100%
Combine both detergents together and they will start to thicken. Then stir in the essential oils thoroughly.
Mix the Stage 2 water and salt together. The hot water ensures the salt will dissolve thoroughly. Add the Inulin and dissolve. Combine with the Stage 1 mixture and stir thoroughly without creating any foam, then cool down to below 40°C.
Add the Stage 3 (heat sensitive) ingredients and stir gently to combine thoroughly. Check pH to be between 5 and 7. Adjust if needed. Bottle and label.

2 Responses

Aromantic Team
Aromantic Team

January 07, 2021

Thank you for your enquiry,

Please see the below response from our Research and Development Team;

“Not sure what you saw but the ingredients are listed there

The Inulin is now called EcoChic Conditioning Agent and I will get that details changed. Use it at the same percentage.

If you are not familiar with working with percentages, it is really simple and much more accurate that other methods.

Everything is weighed – even the liquids.

The recipe as show would use 20g Alpha, 10g Sugar and so on. The end result would be 100g of shampoo.

If you want to make half a kilo, simply multiply everything by 5, as an example."

Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones

January 07, 2021

This recipe appears truncated? No list of ingredients, or weights!

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