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image for hair & body moisturising cream / creme

Hair & Body Moisturising Cream

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image for treatment on hair with hot oil

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

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image of someone using the nail oil blend

Grape Seed Nourishing Nail Oil Blend

A super nourishing blends of oils to condition the nail bed and help stop brittle, split and flaking nails. Ideal to recondition your nails after extended nail varnish or gel nails have been used.
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image of bottles for rich and nourishing face oil

Rich, Nourishing Face Oil for Dull and Dehydrated Skin

This intensely moisturising face serum is especially suited to very dry skin and is perfect for winter months.
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image of serum for dry and mature skin in a pipette

Intensive Serum for Dry / Mature Skin

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