Antifungal Foot Gel

Antifungal Foot Gel

image of foot being applied antifungal foot gel

Stage 1: (room temperature)
77% Bottled Spring Water
10% Aloe Vera Concentrate
1% Rice Starch

Stage 2: (room temperature)
6% Acerola Fruit Glycerol Extract
1% Xanthan Gum

Stage 3: (room temperature)
3% Papaya Oil
1% Preservative 12
1% Plai Essential Oil

Total 100%


Mix the Stage 1 ingredients and whisk well to thoroughly dissolve the Rice Starch.

Combine the Stage 2 ingredients together to make a paste.

Slowly mix in the Aloe, Water and Rice Starch mix and then whisk briefly but vigorously until fully combined and smooth. This will form the gel but do not over beat the gel.

Add the Stage 3 ingredients and combine thoroughly. Jar and label.

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