Papaya Seed Oil


What does this mean?

Inci:Carica papaya Seed Oil

Rich in omega 9 essential fatty acid.


It is extracted from the seeds of the papaya fruit (also known as paw paw).
It is rich in Omega 9 as well as Omega 6 along with Vitamins A and C and Potassium.
Easily absorbed into the skin with superb conditioning properties.
Contains papain enzyme which helps to dissolve excess sebum and impurities in blocked pores.
The papain also reduces brown spots and lightens acnes scars and pock marks.
Gently dissolves dead skin cells revealing fresher and brighter skin without any irritation.
Has antibiotic properties so calms irritated and sensitive skin.
Slows down TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) thus keeping the skin hydrated and looking fresher.
As an average, it contains;
15% Palmitic Acid
68% Oleic Acid (omega 9)
11% Linoleic Acid (omega 6)
With trace amounts of other fatty acids.


The high levels of Omega 9 make it very stable with a good shelf life.
Use in fat stage (stage 1) when making creams and lotions. Can be used neat but is best blended when making massage oils and serums.
Use in oily skin products as it sinks in very quickly without a greasy after feel. Dissolves excess sebum and unblocks pores.
Blend with jojoba oil and thistle oil for even greater effect.
The high Omega 9 content means it will keep moisture locked into the skin. As it sinks in easily, it will not feel heavy or mask like.
This makes it a great choice for dry, mature or crepey skin.
Combine with macadamia oil and avocado oil for an even richer feel and effect.
Its antibiotic properties help calm down skin irritations.
Blend with bog myrtle essential oil for calming acne products.
Use for sensitive skin products. Try using cosmetic prebiotic in a cream or lotion.  
Balances out fattier oil products.
Excellent choice for foot creams and athlete’s foot products.
It has good antifungal properties enhanced by blending with essential oils of myrrh, fragonia and tea tree.
Works well with fattier oils like shea butter.
Good choice for cleansing balms but blend with heavier oils like castor oil to stop it penetrating before it is wiped off.


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