Organic Hazelnut Oil


What does this mean?

Inci:Corylus Avellana Seed Oil

Makes the skin feel soft & pliable - suits dry to normal skin types & is excellent for sensitive & baby skin due to its soft and smooth skin feeling.


A half-fatty oil that keeps well and has a high content of omega 9 fatty acids.
Keeps 3-4 years.
Can help rebalance oily and combination skin to a more normal skin type.


Use in hand & body creams, body lotions, lip balms, and massage oils for the whole body as it offers good lubrication.
Can also be used in hair oils.
Very good in sun creams and oils as it is considered to offer protection against damage to the skin by the suns ray.
Sun Oils
Add up to 20% pre-melted coconut butter to 80% hazelnut oil.
To reduce nutty aroma of Hazelnut Oil
As it has a nutty aroma it’s good to blend hazelnut oil with more neutral smelling oils, such as apricot kernel, peach kernel, sunflower and grape seed, to name some examples.


Sensitive skin products
Blend hazelnut oil with sweet almond oil (use refined as it has a more neutral smell) or blend hazelnut with peach kernel (refined).
Massage Oil Blends for sensitive skin types
Blend hazelnut oil with jojoba oil, coconut oil (liquid fractionated), sweet almond oil (refined) apricot kernel oil.

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