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Inci: Cera Flava

Used to give a thicker consistency to ointments, healing balms, lip balms and lipsticks. Can also be used in cleansers, foot creams and massage products.


This is natural yellow beeswax in the form of pellets.
It has a typical honey / beeswax aroma.
SAP value 87-104.
It is also an occlusive which creates a layer on the skin that will slow down transepidermal water loss (TEWL).
This protective barrier will not only keep that area of skin better moisturised, but it will protect the skin from external damaging agents.
Makes a great barrier cream for gardeners hands.
Over many hours, the beeswax will naturally wear off leaving the normal skin function and won't block it like petrochemicals do.
It will give a thick consistency to ointments, healing balms, lip balms, lipsticks and body butters.
Creates a protective barrier for the skin and lips.
Beeswax is a natural emollient that keeps the skin soft.


Use 1% - 100%.  Heat tolerant as it has a melting point between 61°C and 65°C.
Use in fat stage (stage 1) when making balms and creams.
100% makes beautiful candles which are far superior to paraffin wax candles and they also burn cleaner.
Use 1% in creams and lotions to give texture and emollience.
Use at 2% - 3% in massage creams and heavy creams designed to stay on the surface of the skin for a longer time.
More than this can feel draggy on the skin and may cause the cream to separate.
Use above 10% in lotion bars, massage bars, lip balms, nourishing balms, cleansing balms and lipsticks.


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    04 October 2021
    Jan H.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    beeswax was perfect for my intended use

    easy to use - i used it in a recipe to make scented balm - it worked perfectly

    Aromantic UK Beeswax Review
    05 November 2020
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Lovely wax to work with and is such a pretty colour.

    14 September 2020
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Great product. Easy to melt down, no unpleasant smell...

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