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Vitamin A Palmitate

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A potent antioxidant that improves the skin’s appearance, texture and radiance. It stimulates cell renewal and boosts collagen production reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A yellow to brownish yellow, thick oily liquid which can crystallise at room temperature. It is stabilised with Tocopherol. It is also known as Retinyl Palmitate.


Retinyl Palmitate; Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride; Tocopherol
According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (Cosing), the functions of Vitamin A are:

Skin Conditioning

To view more information, visit the Cosing Database here.
Skin Care
Excellent for stimulating cell renewal. It boosts the collagen production as well as fibroblast production. This will enable the skin’s natural elasticity and help to repair the damage from skin infections.

Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Use in anti ageing creams, lotions and serums.

It nourishes the skin and counteracts inflammation. As a powerful antioxidant, it protects the cell membranes from free radical damage.

Excellent to use in products for dry and mature skin.

Very useful in anti acne products as clears the pores to help stop acne breakouts.
It stimulates cell regeneration and helps damages skin to repair itself quicker whilst repairing the damage of acne scars.

It also lightens the tone of blemishes and tones spots to give the skin a more even tone and luminosity.

Even skin that has been damaged by too much sun can be revitalised by using Vitamin A Palmitate.

Hair Care
No direct hair care use at all but will help to keep the scalp in good condition.

Use up to 0.5%.

Oil soluble so cannot be used in water only products.

It is not heat stable so must be used in Stage 3 (below 40°C) . when making creams and lotions.

Vitamin A can easily solidify in the bottle at room temperature. To use it, stand the bottle in a mug of warm water to loosen it up. Do not use boiling water as this can damage the Vitamin A. As soon as it is pourable, pour out the amount you need. Store in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator.

Suggested Blends
Works very well when used with Wu Zhu Extract in a cream or lotion to give radiance to the skin.

High levels or regular usage of Vitamin A is not advised if you are pregnant.

Do not use on children under the age of 7 years and do not use on babies at all.

Different assessors have varying opinions on safety levels for adults. We have found that 0.5% is generally acceptable. If you are unsure, consult your safety assessor.
Facial Serum for Acne Prone Skin
Stage 1 (room temperature)

2% EmulsiGel Eco
2% Comfrey Glycerol Extract

Stage 2 (above 60°C)
65% Boiling Spring Water
10% Witch Hazel Water
10% Chamomile Water

Stage 3 (above 60°C)
5% Hazelnut Oil

Stage 4 (below 40°C)
2% Remodelling Intense
1.5% Vitamin E
1% Preservative 12
0.5% Vitamin A Palmitate
0.5% Geranium Essential Oil
0.5% Helichrysum Essential Oil
100% Total


Combine EmulsiGel Eco and Comfrey Glycerol Extract into a paste.

Add to the Stage 2 (water stage) ingredients and stick blend until smooth.

Add Stage 3 ingredients and stir thoroughly.

Cool down to below 40°C in a pan of cold water.

Add Stage 4 ingredients and stir thoroughly. Bottle and label.

Spray Body Lotion
Stage 1: (above 75°C)

8% Camelina Oil
1% Cetearyl Alcohol
1% Emulsifier L

Stage 2: (above 75°C)
77% Boiling Spring Water
6% Lingonberry Glycerol Extract

Stage 3: (below 40°C)
2% Eco Marine Algae Extract
2.5% Vitamin E
1% Preservative 12
0.5% Vitamin A Palmitate
1% Essential Oils of your choice
100% Total


Heat the Stage 1 (fat stage) to above 75°C in a double boiler. Then add Stage 1 (fat stage) to Stage 2 (water stage).

Blend with a stick blender for a few seconds until you see emulsification has happened.

Then immerse the container into a pan of cold water and stir with a spatula whilst cooling down to below 40°C.

Add remaining Stage 3 (heat sensitive) ingredients and combine thoroughly. Bottle and label.

For more information and guidance on making your own skin care products please see Aromantic's books and eBooks in our Publications section.

These notes are not meant to replace medical guidance and you should seek the advice of your doctor for your health matters. The formulae are given in good faith and are intended for educational purposes only. They have not been evaluated or tested in any way and Aromantic Ltd. makes no claim as to their effectiveness. It is up to the reader to ensure that any products they produce from these recipes are safe to use, and if relevant, compliant under current cosmetic regulations.
Traditional Aromatherapy Uses
Traditionally, qualified aromatherapists have used Carrot Oil as an excellent source of Vitamin A in a very absorbable form.

Historical Information
The man who discovered Vitamin A in 1912 went on to win the Nobel Prize.
It is estimated that even today Vitamin A deficiency causes 500,000 cases of blindness in children.

During the Second World War, German bombers would attack at night in order to not be seen by the defense stations on the coast. British scientists had developed radar but wanted to keep its existence secret so the Ministry spread the rumour that Royal Air Force pilots had a very high dietary intake of carrots which enabled them to see better in the dark.
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