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Kiwi Seed Oil with 0.5% Vitamin E

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A very beneficial oil for all skin types due to the exceptionally high levels of Omega 3. Light texture with a dry feeling, it sinks into the skin immediately with no greasy film.

A yellow to golden yellow oil with a slight odour obtained from the seeds of the kiwi fruit.

0.5% Vitamin E has been added to help keep the oil from oxidising. The Vitamin E has to be diluted in a little Sunflower Seed Oil to make it pourable.

A very useful oil in skincare as it contains extremely high levels of Omega 3 (around 60%).

Typical Fatty Acid Profile
C16:0 Palmitic Acid 4% to 8%
C18:0 Stearic Acid 0.5% to 3.5%
C18:1 Oleic Acid (Omega 9) 12% to 22%
C18:2 Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 13% to 20%
C18:3 Alpha Linolenic Acid (Omega 3) max 52% to 64%

Saponification Value mgKOH / g 132-207


Actinidia Chinensis Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil
According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (Cosing), the functions of Kiwi Seed Oil are:

Emollient, Skin Conditioning

To view more information, visit the Cosing Database here.
Skin Care
As it is a very dry, thin feeling oil, kiwi seed oil is excellent in anti aging and skin rejuvenation creams, lotions, gels and serums. It helps to give elasticity to the skin and sinks in very quickly with no greasy after feel.

It’s light texture makes it ideal for adding to eye creams and serums. It helps to reduce premature wrinkles and fine lines.

It is moisturising and reduces inflammation. It light, elegant texture and ability to sink in quickly makes it a good choice to use in after sun products especially if the skin is sore.

As kiwi seed oil is very soft and smooth on the skin, it is excellent for adding to products for babies as well as for sensitive skin.

It helps to reduce pore size and is good to use on acne prone skin, especially when blended with Jojoba and Hazelnut Oils. This makes a good rebalancing blend that is even more enhanced with a little Geranium Essential Oil. It is anti inflammatory so will soothe acne breakouts and accelerate skin healing.

It’s quick absorption and light texture blend well with heavier, fattier oils like Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil for dry skin products that need to feel elegant on the skin.

Excellent for ashen skin (especially on the legs) to increase the Omega 3 levels in the skin. It keeps the skin soft and supple with an elegant radiance.

Suitable for all skin types as it improves the condition of the skin and protects against moisture loss. Especially effective for sensitive skin.

Suitable for use on eczema prone and psoriasis prone skin types.

Hair Care
Good to use in hair packs and conditioners as it moisturises the hair and promotes hair growth. It is a very light oil so will not weigh the hair down.

Use 1% to 100%. Best when blended with other oils.

Oil soluble so cannot be used in water only products. It can be used in small amounts in water based gels that will hold it in suspension.

Not heat stable so is best used in Stage 3 (cool stage) when making creams and lotions.

Suggested Blends
Excellent in baby products when blended with Rice Bran Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil as they are all very soft on the skin.

Primer Crème Gelèe
Stage 1: (above 70°C)

79% Boiling Spring Water
2% EmulsiGel Eco
4% Lingonberry Glycerol Extract

Stage 2: (room temperature)
6% Kiwi Seed Oil
3% Pomegranate Seed Oil

Stage 3: (below 40°C)
2% Eco Marine Algae Extract
2% Vitamin E
1% Preservative 12
1% Essential Oils of your choice
100% Total


Mix the EmulsiGel Eco with the Lingonberry Glycerol Extract together to make a paste and then add to the hot water. Stick blend until thickened.

Add the combined stage 2 ingredients to stage 1 and stick blend very briefly to combine.

Cool down in a pan of cold water whilst stirring with a spatula.

Add Stage 3 ingredients and stir. Jar and label.

Super Nutritious Daily Skin Primer
Suitable for all skin types. Regenerative and dry feeling so can be applied to the skin before your usual moisturiser or make up.
Stage 1: (room temperature)
67% Kiwi Seed Oil
11g Evening Primrose Oil
9% Jojoba Oil
12g Vitamin E
0.5% Rosemary Antioxidant
0.5% Essential Oils of your choice
100% Total


Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly. Bottle and label.

For more information and guidance on making your own skin care products please see Aromantic's books and eBooks in our Publications section.

These notes are not meant to replace medical guidance and you should seek the advice of your doctor for your health matters. The formulae are given in good faith and are intended for educational purposes only. They have not been evaluated or tested in any way and Aromantic Ltd. makes no claim as to their effectiveness. It is up to the reader to ensure that any products they produce from these recipes are safe to use, and if relevant, compliant under current cosmetic regulations.
Traditional Aromatherapy Uses
Traditionally used by qualified aromatherapists as a delivery system for essential oils into the skin. Its ability to penetrate quickly meant that an essential oil blend could be applied to the area to be treated without feeling greasy. Oil blends intended for more esoteric use could be applied anywhere on the body. This gave a greater patient compliance.

Historical Information
The kiwi fruit dates centuries in China where it was called Yang Tao. It was considered to be a delicacy fit for the Emperor.

It was introduced to New Zealand in the early 1900’s where it become an important part of the country’s economy.
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