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Enzymatic Peeling Face Mask

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Papaya and pineapple contain particularly powerful enzymes respectively called papain and bromelain to help break down skin cells & leave skin refreshed 

Origin: from more than one country but produced in Brittany, France. Colour of powder is white. The Enzymatic Peeling Mask is a blend of fruits rich in enzymes (papaya & pineapple).

The powder is mixed with water to create an active, creamy paste.

This mask captures the natural exfoliating power of papaya & pineapple enzymes to gently eliminate dead skin cells.

The skin is brightened and the complexion recovers its radiance.

The 50g and 100g quantities of the mask are supplied in plastic tubs, the other products are supplied in glass jars e.g. 400g is supplied in 1 jar, the 2000g in 5 glass jars.


Kaolin, Solum diatomeae, Bentonite, Titanium Dioxide [CI 77891], Maltodextrin, Ananas sativa extract, Carica papaya fruit juice, Citric acid.
Papaya & Pineapple: a gentle enzymatic exfoliation
Enzymatic exfoliation uses proteolytic (protein dissolving) enzymes to break down dead skin cells. Papaya and pineapple contain these particularly powerful enzymes respectively called papain and bromelain. These enzymes promote skin renewal by gently removing the dead cells. The combination of bromelain and papain form a true “natural peeling” combination.

Gently removes skin cells from the surface - it has a light cosmetic peeling effect and does not have the same level of cell stimulation or skin regeneration that deep skin peeling treatments have.

Instructions for using the Enzymatic Peeling Face Mask
Use 15g for the face/50-60g for the face & bust
Mix 15g of powder with 15ml of water or 30g of powder with 30ml of water until you get an homogeneous paste
Apply it with a brush or your fingers directly to the skin
Remove it with a damp sponge after 15 minutes
Follow with skin toner and moisturiser
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