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Introduction to Natural Skin Care

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Our hugely popular "Introduction to Natural Skin Care" course is now available to follow at home. The course is sent to you with all the ingredients, recipes, and video guides you'll need to begin making your own natural beauty products from home.
*Please note, Xanthan Gum Opaque has been replaced with Xanthan Gum Clear in the the course ingredients due to short dated stock. The Xanthan Gum Clear is not vegan friendly as it is clarified using egg enzyme.

Students taking this online course will acquire hands-on experience in making high end, natural and organic skin care products along with an introduction to some in-depth understanding of the raw materials used. We share several insider secrets that we have not published in any of the Aromantic literature.

You'll receive a box containing all your ingredients, a folder with your recipes and a notebook, and access to a securised online video platform where your video tutorials will guide you through each of the 5 recipes.

​You need no previous knowledge, training or experience to attend this course and make wonderful products.

This is a great alternative if you're unable to attend our Introduction to Natural Skin Care course at any of our UK locations. You'll make the same products and receive the same teachings as students following the course on location. This course is also accessible to the hard of hearing as all video voice commentary is included in text format.




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We will introduce you to using Emulsifying Wax which is very versatile in terms of the number of products that can be made with it which is perfect for beginners who want something easy to work with. There are several types of emulsifying wax around and we have sourced the only one we could find that is purely plant based with no animal fats in at all. This enables you to make beautiful creams and lotions for your own use, in salons and spas as well as selling them to the general public (see legal requirements course).

You will be making a Luxurious Cream with the emulsifying wax using White Poppy Seed Oil and Cocoa Butter. These ingredients are not only very effective at conditioning the skin but they are also ideal to use in hair products. Emulsifying Wax is also superb for hair products so you get a top quality facial product that can also be used as an ultra conditioning hair mask as well.

You will also make a Skin Conditioning Balm, an Exfoliating Foot Gel, Anti Ageing Spray Toner and a Conditioning Oil that works on your face and body as well as on your hair!

You will have leftover ingredients after finishing these recipes for you to make extra products and to start building your stock of ingredients.
  • 100ml White Poppy Seed Oil
  • 100ml Organic Camellia Seed Oil, cold-pressed
  • 100ml Rose Water
  • 50ml EcoSilk
  • 50g Emulsifying Wax
  • 50ml Jojoba Oil
  • 30g Organic Shea Butter, Deodorised and Filtered.
  • 30g Rice Bran Wax
  • 30g Apricot Kernel Powder
  • 25g Pumice Powder
  • 25ml Organic Aloe Vera Concentrate
  • 20ml Castor Oil
  • 20ml Vitamin E
  • 15ml Glycerine
  • 10ml Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • 10ml Wu Zhu Extract
  • 10ml Liftonin
  • 10g Xanthan Gum, Opaque
  • 10ml Preservative 12
  • 5ml Lupine Peptides

Equipment & Containers:
  • 12 x 30ml clear plastic jars
  • 4 x 50ml amber plastic bottles
  • 1 x small thermometer
  • 5 x 30ml plastic beaker
​+  Theory notes with 15 recipes
+  USB with written video commentary
+  Notepad & pen

You have all the ingredients you need to make the recipes in your course box except the essential oils that are listed in the recipe but not specified. This is because essential oils are very much a personal preference and can help tailor a product to fit a specific purpose, so we’ve decided to leave this choice to you.
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