Super Sun Body Lotion

image of the super sun body lotion jar

Stage 1: (above 60°C)
77% Boiled Spring Water
3% Glycerine
2% EmulsiGel Eco
Stage 2: (room temperature)
5% White Poppy Seed Oil
3% Shea Butter Oil
2% Pomegranate Seed Oil

Stage 3: (below 40°C)
5% Collagen Boost & Bronze
2% Vitamin E
1% Preservative 12

Total 100%
Mix the EmulsiGel Eco with the Glycerine and then add to the hot water. Stick blend until thickened. You do not need to use a cooker at all. If you work quickly, the just boiled water from the kettle is sufficient. Add the stage 2 oils to stage 1 and stick blend briefly to combine. Cool down in a pan of cold water whilst stirring with a spatula. Do not use the stick blender for the cool down stage. Add stage 3 ingredients and stir again. Jar and label.

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