Light Acne Prone Skin Creme

Light Acne Prone Skin Creme

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Stage 1:
2% EmulsiGel Eco
2% Comfrey Glycerol Extract

Stage 2:
85% Boiled Spring Water

Stage 3:
8% Camelina Oil

Stage 4: (below 40°C)
1% Calendula CO2 Extract
1% Preservative 12
1% Essential Oils of your choice
100% Total
Grape Seed Oil
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  • Combine EmulsiGel Eco and Comfrey Glycerol Extract into a paste.
  • Add to the Stage 2 ingredients and stick blend until smooth.
  • Add Stage 3 ingredients and stir thoroughly.
  • Cool down to below 40°C in a pan of cold water.
  • Add Stage 4 ingredients and combine thoroughly. Jar and label.

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