Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

Stage 1: (heat up to at least 70°C)
71% Bottled Spring Water
10% Rice Starch

Stage 2: (room temperature)
10% Chamomile Water
3% White Clay
2% Watermelon Seed Oil
2% Emulsifan

1% Activated Charcoal
1% Preservative K
100% Total

Combine the Stage 1 ingredients whilst cold and put into a double boiler to heat up. This stage must be heated from cold and then brought to temperature or it will not thicken. It is important to stir this all the time.
When it is thick enough, put into a cold water bath to drop the temperature to below 40°C.
Carefully stir in all remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Jar and label.

You could substitute the Watermelon Seed Oil with any other vegetable oil of your choice and the White Clay with Fine Pink Clay which is also suitable for sensitive skin. The Emulsifan will help to rinse off the face mask.

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