Cocoa Butter Bath Melts

Image of Cocoa Butter Bath Melts with Spa Products

Stage 1:
63% Cocoa Butter

Stage 2:
35% Bath Foam Emulsifier

Stage 3:
2% Essential Oils of your choice

Total 100%

Grape Seed Oil
Sold out
Sold out
Sold out

Heat the Cocoa Butter in a double boiler (bain marie), until melted.

Take the bowl out of the hot water and add the Foam Bath Emulsifier to the melted Cocoa Butter and stir.

Put the bowl in a pan of cold water to start cooling down. Keep stirring all the time to ensure they ingredients stay mixed together.

When you see the mix is just starting to go opaque, add your essential oils. Stir very thoroughly to ensure they are evenly dispersed.

When the mix is like a thick custard, pour into ice cube trays or small muffin moulds. Silicon ones work best for getting the bath melts out. Put into the ‘fridge to harden up overnight.

The next day, turn out the moulds and make into little gift packs. Keep in a cool dark place until you are ready to give them away.

There are a range of silicon moulds you can get but avoid the very detailed ones, as the bath melts will not show the detail so well. Go for simple shapes.

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