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Business and Branding eBook BundleBusiness and Branding eBook Bundle
Price: £28.00
Normal Price: £3.15
Price: £1.90 save 40%
Lime, Cold Pressed (Organic)Lime, Cold Pressed (Organic)
Price: £3.50
Coriander Seed (Organic)Coriander Seed (Organic)
Normal Price: £5.70
Price: £3.40 save 40%
Fruity Chypre Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Fruity Chypre Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £4.50
Price: £2.25 save 50%
Genevieve Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Genevieve Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Price: £3.60
Apple Blossom Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Apple Blossom Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £7.10
Price: £3.55 save 50%
Lemon Verbena Natural Perfume (Concentrate)Lemon Verbena Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £6.25
Price: £3.10 save 50%
Walnut Oil (Organic)Walnut Oil (Organic)
Normal Price: £8.30
Price: £5.00 save 40%
Olive Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Olive Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £6.90
Price: £3.45 save 50%
White Lotus Natural Perfume (Concentrate)White Lotus Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £4.00
Price: £2.40 save 40%
Normal Price: £2.65
Price: £1.86 save 30%
Borage Oil with 0.5% Vitamin E OilBorage Oil with 0.5% Vitamin E Oil
Normal Price: £4.10
Price: £2.46 save 40%
St. Johns Wort Tincture (Organic)St. Johns Wort Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Sage Tincture (Organic)Sage Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Echinacea Tincture (Organic)Echinacea Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Comfrey Leaf Tincture (Organic)Comfrey Leaf Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Normal Price: £3.60
Price: £2.52 save 30%
Normal Price: £4.10
Price: £2.87 save 30%
Clove BudClove Bud
Normal Price: £4.11
Price: £2.45 save 40%

Soap making - Soap Making. Aromantic Ltd UK supply all the raw materials, courses, information and equipment you need to make your own natural skin care, cosmetic, make up, spa, bath, hair, massage and aromatherapy products. From beginners to professionals.

Soap Making


Some individuals continue to make soap in the home. The traditional name "soaper", for a soapmaker, is still used by those who make soap as a hobby. Those who make their own soaps are also known as soapcrafters.

Handmade soap differs from industrial soap in that, usually, an excess of fat is used to consume the alkali (''superfatting''), and in that the  glycerin is not removed. Superfatted soap, soap which contains excess fat, is more skin-friendly than industrial soap; though, if not properly formulated, it can leave users with a "greasy" feel to their skin. Often, emollients such as jojoba oil or shea butter are added 'at trace' (the point at which the saponification process is sufficiently advanced that the soap has begun to thicken), after most of the oils have saponified, so that they remain unreacted in the finished soap.

Above info courtesy Wikipedia

"I am still in
Trinidad and am starting my own handmade soaping
company using only essential oils and botanicals which
I import. So far it is going great and thanks to your
course I got on the right track which inspired me to
teach myself this art and now I have to say I am very
good at it... Thanks for changing my life Kolbjorn and I will let you know how things progress."
Trudy Cox


soap makingSoap Making Education Packs

The Aromantic Education Packs and Recipes are a series of publications which have been designed to provide you with soap making Recipes, information and instructions needed to make your own soap and also other skin-care products, from raw materials using simple equipment. Also included is basic raw material information. These unique soap making and skin care information packs reveal the soap making Recipes and know-how you need to be able to start making dozens of different products, cheaply and naturally.

Soap Making Courses

We offer you the opportunity to learn how to make soap, skin care and cosmetic products that are tailor-made to specific skin conditions, either for your own personal use or for those of you who are professional practitioners. Aromantic offer a range of skin care and soap making courses for all levels of experience supported by all the Education Packs and Recipes that you need.

Please click here to visit the courses area.

Soap Making Starter Packs

If you have yet to 'have a go' at making your own soap products, then this is a great opportunity. We have designed a series of starter packs for making soap and natural skin care and cosmetic products. These packs come complete with soap making Recipes and instructions so that you can make your own soap products easily and economically. You don't need special equipment either- all you need are items from your own kitchen.


Glycerine Soap

Glycerine SoapNow you can make your own vegetable-based glycerine soap. Our small starter pack makes up to 40 soap bars and our large one makes double. Each pack contains full Recipes & instructions, 1 Kg solid Glycerine soap blend. Water-Based soap colours (WB); Red, Yellow, Blue (10ml each) 100ml almond oil and a soap mould tray.

buy onlineOrder Starter Pack 13 Glycerine Soap

Shampoos with Conditioners

Shampoos with ConditionersMake up to 5 litres of shampoo - for dry or greasy hair, hand soap and shower gel.
Each pack contains 1000ml Alpha, 500ml 'Sugar', 200ml Beta, 100g Omega, 25g Guar Gum (in 5x5g bags) 10ml Lactic Acid, 30ml Paraben, 20x200ml plastic bottles with flip-top lids.

buy onlineOrder Starter Pack 08 Shampoos

Soap Making Materials and Equipment

We provide all of the soap making raw materials and equipment that you need for making your own soap and cosmetic products. Many of the soap making items we sell such as our range of natural colours are available exclusively from Aromantic.

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