Conditioning Styling Wax
Moustache Conditioning & Styling Wax 

Stage 1 (heat gently to melt together)
46% Tomato Seed Oil
20% Rice Bran Wax
14% Sacha Inchi Oil
11% Mango Butter
8% Lime Seed Oil

Stage 2 (going opaque) add quickly
1% Essential Oil of your choice
100% Total

Melt Rice Bran Wax, Mango Butter, Tomato Seed Oil Sacha Inchi Oil & Lime Seed Oil together in a Bain Marie. 
Cool to below 40C.
Add stage 2 ingredients & stir in until fully incorporated. A little of the essential oil may evaporate if the temperature of the wax is above 40C but this will not have an adverse effect on the end product.
If the mixture begins to set up too much heat very gently until liquid & continue adding stage 2 ingredients. 
Fill containers and label. The mixture shrinks less in the middle if poured slightly cool.
To use simply scrape a small amount of the product out with a clean fingernail & warm between your fingertips before applying to your facial hair, rub through & style as you wish.

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