Silica Microfine


What does this mean?

Microfine particles for a better product! A mineral used in skin care products for its beneficial properties for hair, nails & skin.

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Inci:Hydrated Silica


A microfine (NOT nano particled) mineral used in Skin Care Treatments for its beneficial properties. It is a white powder compared with the bluish colour of the silica mineral that we used to stock.

This is a new type of silica that has finer particles than the silica we used to stock, making it easier to dissolve into a product, e.g. a cream. It combines a very high absorption capacity for liquids and maximum oil absorption.


Which products to use it in
In creams and lotions.
As it is more soluble than the last silica we stocked, the benefits of silica can be made use of in hair and nail treatment products e.g. cream hair packs, and e.g. nail treatment creams
Water or oil-soluble?
Can I add it to oil blends or ready-made products?
Yes, you can add it to oil blends but not to ready-made products.
When adding to oil blends you must place silica into bottle with vegetable oil, close the bottle and shake well.
The particles are very fine and will fly around if you don't put it into the bottle with the oil.
Recommended dosage and how to use in products
Dosage for all products: Use 0.4-1% in your products. Add it to the Fat Stage of making a Cream or Lotion NOT the Water Stage.
Storage and Shelf Life
2-3 years (See label). Store at room temperature in dry and airtight container away from direct sunlight.