Rose Hydrolat


What does this mean?

A genuine hydrolat produced naturally as a by-product of essential oil distillation - adds & helps to retain moisture

Inci:Rosa damascena Flower Water

What is it?
From flowers
Rose adds and helps to retain moisture and is suitable for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin. It is mildly astringent and cooling. Use it as a Toner by itself or blend it with other Flower Waters 
How to use it
Use up to 100% concentration in all of your products 
Rose Water
Rose Clay Face MaskStage 1 (room temperature): 45% Rose Water 45% Pink Clay 3% Vitamin E 6% Evening Primrose Oil 0.5% Sandalwood 0.5% Geranium100% TotalMethod: Weight out all the ingredients and mix together. As this clay mask does not contain a preservative, it is designed to be used immediately. Any leftovers can be stored in an air-tight jar and kept in a refrigerator for up to 7 days.
Technical Documents