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Romantic Essential Oil Blend


What does this mean?

Inci:Citrus Aurantifolia Oil, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil, Linalool, Artemisia Dracunculus Oil, Elettaria Cardamomum Seed Oil, Santalum Spicata Wood Oil

A blend of essential oils to induce a feeling of romance for special occasions.


In the mood for a little romance? Feel good with this blend of herbs and spices combined with exotic woods and seductive florals.

A blend of 100% essential oils of Lime, Ylang Ylang, Tarragon, Cardamom and Sandalwood.
The individual essential oils are listed on the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (CosIng) here.


The easiest is to get a cotton wool ball or a piece of kitchen roll and damp it under the tap. Add a few drops of your chosen oil and pop it on one of the radiators. Don’t be too heavy handed as they are very strong. You can do this in several rooms of the house so that there is a gentle change of atmosphere between the hallway and the living room, for example. If you have a diffuser (either electric or candle) add a few drops of your chosen blend to the water bowl. Make sure the cable is out of the reach of children or pets.

Skin Care

Add a few drops to a ready made base product or shower gel.

Hair Care
We recommend that you check the individual essential oils separately to see if the blend is suitable for you.

When you need to seriously chill out and feel fabulous, add a few drops of Romantic blend to a tablespoonful of sunflower oil (from the kitchen will be fine). Then mix that with an egg cup full of bubble bath. Stir well together to get the essential oils to disperse in the bubble bath. Lay back in the bath, breathe deeply aaaaand relax. Never add essential oils to the bath directly as they will not disperse properly and could irritate your skin. If you know you have very reactive or sensitive skin, we do not recommend this without a patch test first.

Suggested Blends
This is already a blend.
We recommend that you check the individual essential oils separately to see if the blend is suitable for you.

Warning: Essential oils can be toxic to some animals. Consult a veterinary surgeon if concerned.