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Organic Walnut Oil


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Inci:Juglans Regia Seed Oil

A dry feeling oil that is well absorbed into the skin. Ideal for use with mature, sensitive and acne prone skin types. Excellent to condition and moisturise the skin and hair.


A clear, pale yellow to dark yellow oil with a noticeable aroma of walnut that is cold pressed from ripe, organic walnuts.
  • Use 1% to 100%. However, the higher the percentage that is used, the more noticeable the nutty smell will be.
  • Oil soluble so cannot be used in water only products. It can be used in small amounts in water based gels that will hold it in suspension.
  • Heat stable so can be used in Stage 1 (fat stage) when making creams and lotions.
Combine Walnut Oil with Sesame Oil and Myrrh Essential Oil for a nail and cuticle oil.
It is excellent as a scalp rub to calm itchy scalp, especially when combined with Chickweed Oil and Marshmallow Root Oil.
None, but do be aware that it is a nut oil which is a possible risk for people with nut allergies.
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
C16:0 Palmitic Acid 5% to 8%
C18:0 Stearic Acid 1% to 5%
C18:1 Oleic Acid (Omega 9) 14% to 26%
C18:2 Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 45% to 65%
C18:3 Alpha Linolenic Acid (Omega 3) 9% to 15%
C20:0 Icosanoic Acid max 1%
C20:1 Icosenoic Acid max 0.5%
Saponification Value mgKOH / g 243-265
Cosmetic Functions:
According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (Cosing), the functions of Organic Walnut Oil are:
Skin Conditioning
To view more information, visit the Cosing Database here


Skin Care
  • Walnut Oil is a good emollient that does not feel greasy on the skin and is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9 Essential Fatty Acids which both promote moisture retention in the skin and reduce the appearance of premature lines and wrinkles. It’s very regenerative to use in creams and serums for mature and sensitive skin types.
  • It is an excellent choice for formulating products for acne prone skin. It is anti inflammatory and will soothe acne outbreaks. It absorbs well into the skin.
  • It softens skin keeping it more flexible and youthful looking.
  • It has a dry skin feeling which makes heavier oils feel lighter which then gives you more oils to choose from when blending oils.
Hair Care
  • It is effective at moisturising and conditioning the hair shaft giving it a softer texture without feeling sticky.
  • As Walnut Oil also conditions the scalp, the incidence of dandruff will be reduced.


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Traditional Aromatherapy Uses
Traditionally used by qualified aromatherapists to use in face and head massage as it is suitable for both, is non greasy and penetrates well.
Historical Information
It’s name in Latin derives from Jovis Glans meaning “nut of the gods”. It was understood that walnuts were a superior food that the gods chose to eat.
The Ancient Romans used to toss walnuts over the happy couple at weddings as they were believed to protect against disease and bring good health with a long life.
The nuts were used as a good, nutritional food source and the shells were boiled to make a hair and beard dye.
The Ancient Egyptians used walnut oil as part of the mummification rituals.
Walnut cultivation was developed by the Persians and was later introduced into Europe. By the 14th Century, France had become a major grower and walnuts became part of the staple diet for families.
Chemical analysis has shown that Monet, Cezanne and Pissaro all used walnut oil as a solvent in their paints preferring it over linseed oil.
During the Second World War, many villages were forced to survive on the walnuts from their groves as their main source of nutrition.
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    27 April 2021
    Michelle S.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Lovely oil!

    I love this oil for my ageing but sensitive skin. Since using this oil, my skin has had no breakouts at all and is looking really happy and healthy, I really love it!

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