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Organic Crambe Seed Oil


What does this mean?

Inci:Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil

Crambe Seed Oil (also known as Abyssinian Oil) is an excellent natural lubricant and emollient with unique skin-feel and skin care qualities.


Organic, cold pressed from seeds.
Colour: ranging from light to golden yellow.
Shelf life: 4-5 years (4 times more stable than Sweet Almond Oil).
It is not derived from GM crops.

The seed is rich in an oil that is highly valued due to the unique characteristics which enable it to be used in a wide range of applications.
It has unique qualities for skin care.
Crambe Seed Oil is an excellent natural lubricant and emollient.
It has a unique skin-feel, combining a light texture with enhanced slip properties, without feeling too greasy; this is attributed to its special lipid profile.
Crambe oil has superior stability compared to other oils and this combined with its enhanced slip properties make it an ideal natural alternative to mineral oils and silicones.

It is a long soft oil perfect for long strokes in massage.
Compared to Jojoba Oil, Crambe Seed Oil has much larger quantities of Erucic Acid.
Crambe Seed Oil is similar to Broccoli Seed Oil with both around 50% Erucic Acid (C22:1), an Omega-9 fatty acid that helps to give a glossy shine to hair just like silicone would.It also gives shine and gloss to dull and lifeless skin.
The oil is now becoming increasingly popular as a natural option to silicone in hair and styling products where shine and lustre is needed.
Crambe, however, is much cheaper and is oilier.


Efficacy data
Trials carried out by UK formulation experts have identified that Crambe oil has a unique skin-feel and lubricity.
It helps protect the skin surface from drying whilst improving barrier function.
Application of the oil directly to the skin leaves it feeling softer and smoother whilst not drying out as quickly as some other oils.

Applications and dosages
We recommend Crambe Seed Oil for use in products which are designed to give enhanced slip/lubricity and protection.
Due to its high stability and skin-feel, Crambe Seed Oil may be suitable as a natural replacement for synthetic oils such as mineral oils and silicones.

Applications of Crambe Seed Oil include:
Creams for lustre and shine – use 5-8%
Massage Oils for whole body massage – use 10-40%Massage Creams and Lotions – use 10-30%
Lotions – use 2-5%
Balms (Ointments) – use 5-30%
Lip Care – 10-20%
Hair Treatment Oils – use 5-20%
Hair Packs – use 5-20%
Hair Conditioners - use 2-6%


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