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Honeysuckle Absolute


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Inci:  Parfum

Honeysuckle Absolute


A beautiful, sweet, floral aroma, reminiscent of the heady scent of Honeysuckle.
Although this absolute is a blend of natural and synthetic components, it is the only way we have found to enjoy the beautiful fragrance of Honeysuckle.
It is a pale yellow to orange-brown, viscous liquid that is a blend of natural and synthetic fragrance materials.
Please be aware that 100% natural Honeysuckle Absolute unfortunately just doesn't exist.
The individual materials that make up Honeysuckle Absolute are listed on the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (CosIng) here.
It has no therapeutic benefits in skin care or hair care per se but it does add an amazing fragrance which can add value and desirability to high-end products like anti-ageing serums, creams and lotions.
When added to shampoos and hair conditioners, it makes the product smell very appealing with a high perceived value.
It can also be vaporised or used in an oil burner to fragrance a room.The stems of honeysuckle are very strong and have been used to twist into rope as far back as the Bronze Age.
There are still areas of the UK where honeysuckle ropes are made into bridles and harnesses for pack ponies.
The name honeysuckle comes from the tradition of children biting off the ends of the flowers to enjoy the drops of nectar inside.
There is a long tradition of growing honeysuckle around family homes as it is said to help ensure a good marriage for the occupants.
It is also believed to attract wealth, luck and love to the house whilst protecting the garden from malicious spirits.