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Fruity Facial Feast Serum Recipe Pack


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A fantastic product that is rich in Vitamins and Omega 6 that quickly penetrates the skin and helps reduce large pores.


Our recipe packs contain all the ingredients and instructions you need to make these great products and always at a saving* versus what you would pay buying the individual ingredients on our website!

* Every pack offers savings of between 7 and 10%.

This pack contains only the highest quality ingredients. White Poppy Seed Oil is light and dry to the touch, rich in Omega 6 and helps all other oils to penetrate the skin faster and deeper.

Organic Avocado Oil is a very nutritious oil that is rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin D.

Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil with 0.5% Vitamin E is superb at reducing large pores and contains naturally occurring Vitamin A.

Pomegranate Seed Oil is a powerful antioxidant which tackles free radicals. This makes it essential in any anti aging formula. It contains high amounts of Punicic Acid, also known as Omega 5, which helps to reduce inflammation and regenerate new skin production thus improving overall elasticity and tone.

Remodelling Intense is a 100% natural, plant-derived ingredient proven to restructure, firm and smooth the face and body.

Carrot Seed Oil tones mature and dry skin.

Lavender Essential Oil is a superb oil. The list of beneficial properties for lavender is one of the longest of all aromatherapy oils and it is highly regarded for skin use including soothing, preventing dryness and improving overall skin health.


This is one of our easiest recipes but also one of the most powerful formulations with exceptional ingredients producing a truly high end result. So whether this is your first time making beauty or cosmetic products or you are experienced you can be confident that the end result will be a truly desirable product.


All the ingredients required to make 2 x 50ml pots of this lovely treat for the skin. You'll also find that after following the recipe you have lots left over of most of the ingredients either to try making something else or put towards your next batch!

Please note if you want to package your end product, containers are not included in the pack. Click here to visit our containers section for lots of great options.