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eB8 Making Skin & Massage Oils 4th Ed

What does this mean?

A PDF file available to download immediately - find out instantly how to make your own Natural Skin & Massage Oils the Aromantic way! 

An eBook chapter excerpt from the printed book, The Aromantic Guide to making your own natural skin, hair and body care products, 4th Edition, 2011. 5 pages.

Short Introduction
Mineral Oils (Vaseline & Paraffin)
Vegetable Fats & Oils
Saturated Fatty Acids
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (Omega 9)
Duo (Omega 6) and Polyunsaturated (Omega 3) Fatty Acids
Some examples of Vegetable Oil Blend Recipes - Normal Skin Oil, Dry and Mature Skin Oil, Oily/Acne Skin Oil, Sensitive Skin Oil, Baby Oil, Swedish Massage Oil (Blend 1), Swedish Massage Oil (Blend 2), Body Oil, and Pre-Sun Oil (SPF2)
Method for making the Vegetable Oil Blends
Adding Essential Oils to Vegetable Oil Blends
Table: Fatty Acid Content and Absorption Note of some common Vegetable Oils (Table updated and upgraded)