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eB7 Making Lotions & Sun Creams plus pgs 26 and 27 4th Ed

What does this mean?

A PDF file available to download immediately - find out instantly how to make your own Natural Lotions & Sun Creams the Aromantic way!

An eBook chapter excerpt from the printed book, The Aromantic Guide to making your own natural skin, hair and body care products, 4th Edition, 2011. 7 pages plus 5 extra pages: 2 extra pages about making creams; 3 extra pages of general Preservatives information and dosage tables. [Changes to 4th Edition: Preservative info in Recipes is updated] A very comprehensive eBook with all you need to know about making Creams and Lotions with VE and MF Emulsifiers.

Includes extra 5 pages because they contain: Basic Method for making all Creams; Tips for making Creams successfully and Preservatives dosage information.

Introduction to Lotions
Recipes for Lotions: Soothing Chamomile Lotion, Aloe & Avocado Lotion, Vitamin Lotion, and Carrot Lotion
Tip for making Lotion
Basic Method for making all Lotions
Introduction to Sun Creams
Making Sun Creams with VE/MF Emulsifiers
Recipes for Sun Creams with varying Sun Protection Factors (SPF): 4 Recipes for SPF 20, 10, 7, and 4; 4 Recipes for Sun Creams and Lotions: Recipes for SPF 5-6 (Cream), 12 (Cream), 5-6 (Lotion), 12 (Lotion); Recipes for Sun Cream with Microfine Titanium Dioxide - 2 Recipes for SPF 12-16, and 15-20;
Method for Sun Cream with Microfine Titanium Dioxide
Defining Microfine Titanium Dioxide and Tiosol
Percentages of Microfine Titanium Oxide to add to products to give them varying SPFs
Vitamin E Oil and Sun Products